Wooly Baby Products

Wooly Baby slippers are handmade from recycled wool sweaters and leather jackets. Soft, non-skid soles and high ankles will keep you warm and safe all winter long. Available in sizes newborn through adults. See our size chart for more information.

Parents love Wooly Baby slippers because they are eco-friendly, they feature soft and non-skid soles (perfect for wood floors), and they keep ankles warm. Wooly Baby slippers can be worn as house shoes, out for errands, to the library, in the car, under roomy boots, and even to bed!

Wooly Baby slippers are designed by Josie Marsh, a work-at-home-mom. Formerly a manufacturing engineer, Josie began making slippers when she couldn't find wool slippers with tall ankles for her own baby. Wooly baby slippers feature the following;

  • Felted Wool: The wool sweaters are felted, resulting in slippers that are dense, sturdy and warm, but also breathable. There is a layer of lambswool on the inside of the soles.

  • High Cuffs: The 'high-top' slippers keep ankles warm when pants ride up the leg. This happens often while babies are in carriers and while in bed. Wooly Baby low-top slippers are available for warmer weather.

  • Non-skid Soles: The suede leather soles are non-skid, perfect for slippery wood floors.

  • Soft Soles: Soft soles allow muscles to develop unhindered. Studies consistently show that wearing non-confining shoes in childhood encourages proper foot shape and development, avoiding many adulthood foot problems.

  • They Stay On: Elastic is sewn into the cuff to keep slippers on busy crawling and walking feet. Babies actually can't get them off!

  • Dirt Resistant: Wool is naturally low maintenance, but Wooly Baby slippers can be washed by hand or machine with cold water and air dried.

  • Eco-Friendly: Wooly Baby is proud to minimize environmental impact by recycling old wool sweaters and leather jackets. We also use a natural soap (www.charliesoap.com) for the felting process and cedar wood to naturally protect from moth damage. Our Wooly-Baby.com website host offsets 100% of its electricity use with wind power credits.

    Due to the limitations of using old sweaters, all Wooly Baby slippers are unique and in limited supply. Visit our gallery to see examples of past slippers. Visit our shop on Etsy to purchase any of the current Wooly Baby slipper designs.

    Additional information about Wooly Baby slippers can be found in answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question or comment about Wooly Baby slippers, please send us a message.